Create a Custom Residence in the Conroe & Montgomery County, TX Area

Create a Custom Residence in the Conroe & Montgomery County, TX Area

The possibilities for your new home design are endless

Don't let custom home design be a daunting process - reach out to Rob Faust from Design Originals Custom Home Plans, llc. Schedule two meetings with Rob to discuss your needs and learn about our custom home design process.
In the first meeting, bring a copy of your survey along with inspirational photos, personal sketches, and magazine clippings. We'll look through those materials and discuss:

  • The overall square footage of your home
  • The style that you prefer
  • The size and location of each room

Take the first step toward designing the home of your dreams - call 936-494-1988 now to schedule a consultation with Rob Faust in Conroe, TX & all of Montgomery County.

Start planning the details of your project

At the start of your second meeting, Rob Faust will show you our current first- and second-floor new home design. From here, we'll start tweaking the finer details of your project, from the electrical installation to exterior elevation design.
You'll have a say in everything, including:

  • Lighting Layout
  • Cabinet drawings
  • Exterior and Interior Elevations

To ensure you're happy with the final product, we'll draw full views for everything in your home. We can then make small edits to keep your custom home design within your budget.
Contact us today to start planning your home design in the Conroe, TX area.